Our Need for Rest

As we begin the first work week of 2016, I want to take a moment to remind all of us of our need for rest. All week long we work so hard, and far too often we go and go and go without taking a moment to pause. How often have you said that you need a weekend from your weekend? How often have you felt too exhausted to go back to work due to all that you did over the weekend?  If you’re ever feeling this way, you need to make more time for rest.

Our bodies and minds are not made for all this going and going and going. We desperately need to make time for rest, so that we can be refreshed for the days ahead. Whether you make Saturday, Sunday, or another day of the week make sure you choose a day to rest. How you spend that day is up to you, but be sure it is in a way that gives you a renewed sense for the week ahead.  I think about my day yesterday which was full of much running around, but ended with an evening spent with my extended family. I probably should have done the errand running on Saturday so that yesterday would have been more restful, but it was still time well spent. After spending the evening celebrating my uncle’s birthday and playing games with as a family, I feel much joy. I can definitely say that my heart and soul feel refreshed and ready for the days ahead.

How do you like to spend your day of rest? What helps you feel refreshed and renewed for the week ahead? I’ll share more in the future about sabbath keeping and our need for rest.

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