It’s The New Year Already?!

How did 2015 come and go so fast? Here’s hoping that in 2016 I can live a little healthier (exercise more at all and eat even better). I’m not one to make New Years resolutions, because I never manage to keep them and end up disappointed. I do like having a word or phrase that guides and inspires me through the year. I’ll share next week about what it was for 2015, and how it went for me. In the meantime, here are some things from the Internet to fill your time as you relax this new day of the new year.

Thank you worldwide web  for the entertainment you provide throughout the pastyear. Merci for these highlights from 2015!

As a parents I’m sure we would all like a way to help our family bemore efficient   in getting out the door in the morning. But let’s be real, someone is always to blame for slowing us down in getting out the door. May be these notes will help.

Are you feeling tired, overwhelmed, or burnt out from social media? Give these tips a try in 2016? I definitely want to do more of the first tip this year, because old fashioned isn’t always a bad thing!

How many of these songs from 2015 do you know can’t get out of your head?

Happy New Year everyone!!! Thank you for reading HebrewDawn in 2015, and I look forward to seeing where 2016 takes us!


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