The way we spend our time

What brings you joy? I have a friend who asks this question when speaking to someone about volunteering at the church where she works. I believe this is one of the best things for us to ask ourselves before agreeing to do something. Many of us are over scheduled and would like to see this change, but aren’t so good at setting limits or saying no. What if we asked ourselves question more often?

As I wrap up 2015 and look to 2016, I feel like I’ve asked myself this joy question more often. When faced with something I’m not sure I want to say yes to doing, it really helps me check my heart. Sometimes the answer is an emphatic yes, such as serving on my pastor’s sabbatical support committee or Ukirk RVA‘s advisory board. Sometimes the answer to the question is perhaps at a later date, like when asked to be a stephen minister. Other times the answer is no, and we’ve said yes out of obligation. Usually that yes said out obligation isn’t good for us or those that we’re helping. But that yes said in response to joy is never regrettable.

In 2016 I’m looking forward to checking my heart more often before agreeing to things, whether big or small. Taking the moment to ask this question about joy doesn’t apply in a faith context alone and can be deeply helpful in all aspects of our life. How we spend our time individually, as families, recreationally, and in business as a great impact on the rest of our life. In looking ahead hope you’ll join me in asking yourself more often:


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