Joyful & Bright

However you are spending this day I hope it’s a great day! May your Christmas be joyful and bright, full of yummy treats, and I hope you know how much your are loved. In the meantime, if you’re looking for an Internet break from family, let me help you out!

I still LOVE this video from the Richmond Christmas parade in which poor Rudolph has an unfortunate encounter. Thankfully we have some great hospitals that were able to fix him up for the following Christmas.

If you haven’t seen this holiday puzzle, check it out. Can you find the hidden panda?

Now that we’re done with all the office holiday parties, we can be honest about the strange gifts we may have received. Have you received anything like these?

The magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child is one of the most beautiful things. But seeing this magic disappear when you have to break the Santa news to your child can be heartbreaking. This letter in response to the news doesn’t make it any easier.

Thank goodness for the long holiday weekend, especially for my fellow sleep lovers out there. Hopefully my child and yours (if you have them) will let you sleep in!

Now get back to your families and friends, pretend you weren’t ignoring them for the Internet, and enjoy this beautiful Christmas!

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