done is enough

How often do you fret over going the extra mile on the project that’s been assigned to you at work? How many times have you worried about finding the perfect vendor to complete an update or correction to something in your home? How often have you said no to a volunteer opportunity because you didn’t think you were knowledgeable enough? Have you ever considered that done is enough?

Over the years I’ve learned to let go on having that work email typed out and articulated “just” right. Once I learned to let go, I’ve been the editor for coworkers stressing about sending out the “perfect” email. More times than not, the final product is not all that different from the orignal version that was being fretted over for not being quite right.

Over the years my husband and I have spent hours looking into every possible lawn care company that could solve all of our problems. We’ve reached out to neighbors to find out what works for them and their yard. We’ve then worried if it’s worth the month, if there are too many chemicals, and what if we made the wrong decision. We spent so much time researching and worrying that it delayed having a beautiful yard we can enjoy.

Over the years I’ve recruited countless volunteers who doubted their ability to serve. They though that they couldn’t be a Girl Scout leader because they were never a Girl Scout, but they turned out to be the most dedicated to learning EVERYTHING about the program, it’s history, and how to lead their girls. These leaders were more than capable and simply needed to say yes and get through their orientation. 

I’m not convinced that the driving factor in all of this is perfectionism. I am inclined to believe that it’s our own fear of judgement from others that we aren’t completing the job to perfection, choosing the best vendor for the job, or being the best person for a volunteer position. If we can let go of this fear of criticism or ridicule, we might we see that we did the best we could, we did find the right person for the job, and that we are a good fit for the opportunity.

Perhaps, if we can accept that done is enough, we will learn…

  • that anything we complete is done exceptionally well
  • we cannot spend all of our time researching, because we are missing out on other things in our life 
  • that we are capable and called to serve for ne volunteer opportunities

Don’t be afraid to say yes and know that done is enough.
HebrewDawn: done is enough

Favorites This Week: May 20th

HebrewDawn: Friday Favorites - May 20, 2016
Happy Friday! How has your week been going?

This week has been a full but good one for me.

Tuesday we volunteered at our church’s food pantry, and it was neat to watch my daughter volunteering as well. She has tagged along with her dad and I since she was itsy bitsy and bein worn in the ergo for the duration of our time there. Her role seems to be that of welcomer of other children. This week she noticed a child waiting with their dad, and she HAD to go say hi and give them a high five. It warm’s my heart to know she has this heart to welcome other kids during our time to serve others.

Wednesday kept the week rocking and rolling as I went bridesmaid dress shopping. I’m so blessed to have a friend that has a beautiful wedding color and good taste in bridesmaid fashion. Unlike some bridesmaid dress shopping trips that can be a shot to the ego less than flattering dress, this experience was filled with many cute dresses. Now begins the process of choosing.

Thursday was the end of this season of Grey’s Anatomy, but it ended better than I could have hoped. For the record, I have no plans of spoiling the episode or giving anything away if you haven’t watched it. So if you’ve watched Grey’s for multiple seasons you know how it ends with taking a hit to your heart and mind. This might be the first finale where I don’t feel like I’ve been hit by the emotions truck when it was over.HebrewDawn: Meredith Grey quote

Enough talking about my week, but on to the regularly scheduled Friday favorites…

I loved Emily Henderson’s tips on how to style a bed like a pro. Do you have a strong eye for design or do you need help from a professional? I’m definitely the later, and thankful for girlfriends who have the eye.

Have you been sucked into the LulaRoe craze? I had fought it for so long, but resistance was futile. I had a co-worker had these amazing pineapple pants for sale, and I’m sucker for pineapples and black. Once I tried them on, there was no taking them off, well except for the fact I was in the work bathroom. Also, it turns out that my work wouldn’t find pineapple leggings as acceptable in our workplace (I’m thinking I need to convince them otherwise 😉 ). So off came the most leggings for the remainder of the work day, but right back on when I got home. So my advice on LuLaRoe is just give in and try it on, and start looking for your unicorn. You won’t regret it!




Have a beautiful weekend and make the most of your day!