It’s Not a Problem

After sharing last week about reducing the use of sorry and just, I’ve been having many conversations with people about the things we say. Turns out many women are struggling with the use of sorry, just, and other phrases. Before we go back to physical wellness next week, we’re going to stay with the internal thoughts that become external conversations that are a reflection of ourselves. Today I want you to know why it’s not a problem that you’re welcome.

How often do you respond to someone’s “thank you” with “not aproblem” or “no problem “? If I was a betting women, I would say your answer is fairly regularly. Have no fear, you’re not the only one! I’ve  heard countless people do it and I am guilty of it too. BUT have you ever thought about what that response means?

Each time someone says thank you to you and you respond with “not a problem” or “no problem,” you are giving the idea that what they just thanked you for saying or doing was in fact a problem. But was it really? I don’t think we normally think about what people thank us for as being a problem.

So the next time you’re ready to say “no problem,” switch it up and say

and everyone will feel much better about what’ been done.

Have a beautiful day and make the world a better place by being you!

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