How was your week? Were you snowed in with your family like much of the East Coast? If you were surrounded by sunshine and grass, I am envious! After the snow day that turned into house arrest being snowed in for four days, I was so happy to see my grass on Wednesday! Thank goodness for great movies, food, and wine to help those snow days less burdensome.

Speaking of wine, have you heard about these champagne gummy bears? I have been seeing many posts about them, but haven’t got my hands on been able to devour them yet. Please tell my bubbly loving heart they are as a divine as they sound!

Lately I have been working harder to get our home office more presentable, and I saw this beauty on Glitter Guide’s Instagram feed this week. I now know two things needed for the office, a cozy rug and that button. Any home office decorating tips?

In November I devoured the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and joined the KonMari fan club. I could totally relate to Marie Kondo’s lifelong obsession with organizing and finding the perfect place for everything. I have driven my parents and brother batty from organizing their things, and now do it to my husband. I’m still working on KonMari-ing my home, but I’m LOVING her folding techniques! Have you tried her method at all?

 Last weekend our daughter learned the fine art of sleeping in, and suddenly it ended on Tuesday. It was a good thing since we had to go to work, but I’m hoping she re-learns it for this weekend. Are you a sleep lover like me? I think many of us are good at sleeping in, but struggling with falling asleep. Here’s a great technique to help you out!

Hope you have a happy Friday, and a beautiful weekend!

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