Baby Registry Must Haves

In recent months, I have had MANY family members and friends share that they were expecting. On top of all of that, I have also had several friends recently have babies, and are navigating the early months with an infant. With so many friends and family members having babies lately it seems like a fitting time to share some of our favorite baby registry items. Over time, we have learned by trial and error which items should have been on our list, or we wish we would have known to add to our list. Not that we regret paying for the items we’ve discovered, but every little bit that you don’t have to pay for helps. If you’re looking for items to put on your registry or to buy for someone, here is Part I in my baby registry series, focusing on the nursery and on the go gear.


  • Crib – Go for what you like. We had one given to us, but if I were to purchase one I would recommend a crib that converts to a toddler bed, and full size bed.
  • Changing tables – I think a special piece of furniture is a waste. I recommend getting a changing pad and putting it on top of a dresser. The dresser will grow with the child just like the convertible crib.
  • Bassinets are nice, but not a necessity. We borrowed one from a friend. If we have another we plan to use the bassinet of a pack n play.
  • La-Z-Boy Glider Recliner – this will be a lifesaver at the end of pregnancy when it’s hard to sleep, and during long snuggles sessions with your little one. This cost more than most rockers/gliders, but this is also much more durable. We definitely plan to use this long after it’s in the nursery.
  • Mobile – these are nice, but not a necessity. We liked that our was a fun DIY project. Between my mom, stepdad, and I we made a cute little one for my daughter’s room.

81srmyzogtl-_sl1500_On The Go

  • Britax B-Safe infant Car Seat – They have since updated the seat, and I still hear great things about it. We had friends and family do research on this seat and use it first, which led to us using it. Loved it, and would definitely use again.
  • B-safe Base – If you have more than one car, it’s really nice to be able to simply click the car seat in and go.
  • Britax Convertible Car Seat – we have the Britax Pavilion, but do your reasearch to figure out what will work best for you. The facebook group Car Seats for the Littles   can be a great resource for figuring out what works for you based on your needs and what will fit in your car.
  • Britax B-Ready – We have loved that this stroller worked with our infant seat, had good wheels for all occasions, and can become a double stroller with a second seat. We knew when shopping for a stroller we hoped to have more kids, and figured it was best to get one that could do double duty. For kids of different ages, we heard this was better than the Baby Jogger City Select .
  • I am a huge fan of baby wearing, and have learned it’s not one size fits all occasions. I love my ergo for grab and go, my moby for newborn snuggles, and my nunmoochie woven wrap for longer periods of time and warmer weather.
  • Play yard – I don’t really think you can go wrong with most of them. We had a basic one that we got for a great deal and we used for a long time. It’s now at my mom’s for grandma babysitting use. We then upgraded to a now have a Graco that has more features like a bassinet level, changing pad, and such. I do think it’s nice to have one that does multiple jobs so you don’t have to buy a bassinet and have stuff everywhere.

Check back Monday for more, when I’ll cover more of the basic essentials (clothing, bathing, feeding).

*Please note these opinions are all my own, none of this has been sponsored. What worked for me, my child, and my family may not work for you.*

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