How was your week? It’s hard to believe we’ve already hit the second month of 2016. This year is flying by so quickly, which means the months, weeks, and days are too! How are you making the most of each day?

This fall I started listening to podcasts A LOT. It’s been a great way to fill commute time and something to listen to other than music. The first podcast to really get me hooked was The Lively Show. I have since binge listened to EVERY SINGLE EPISODE catching up on all that I missed. In the midst of my Lively Show binge fest, I started hearing all this hype about Serial with the new season coming, and got hooked on Season 1, I am now current on both of those podcast, and the wait for new episodes always feels like an ETERNITY. If you haven’t checked out either one, I highly recommend it.

Since finishing season one of Serial, I’ve joined the hosts of others wondering what would happen regarding Adnan Syed and his case. From what I can deduce, signs point to the wrong person being charged and convicted in the death of Hae Min Lee. Her family deserves for the murderer to be behind bars, but is Adnan really innocent or guilty? Well, with all the publicity from Serial, there is now a hearing going on (today is day three) to see if he will get a new trial. For the last two days, I’ve been keeping up with the Serial updates from Sarah Koenig and following Jessie DeSilva on Twitter. I’m so curious to know what will happen. What are your thoughts?

Oh my gosh, Ash Wednesday is coming up next week. If you’re looking for a great activity for your family or congregation, check out these Lenten coloring posters from Illustrated Children’s Ministry. I need to get my order…

 There’s lots of rambling I could do right now, but I’ll spare you from that. I hope you have a great weekend!!!

A Break from the Holiday Hustle

I am not here to freak you out about all the things on your holiday to do list. Rather, I’m here to help you slow down and relax in the middle of your week. 

I would like to thank my husband for being an Instagram husband. We may need to form a support group for him and all the other Instagram husbands out there. 

Looking for some gift ideas, especially for those in your life that don’t like mornings? Then check these mugs out!

Do you like wine? Then you’ll love Wine About It! Reasons growing up is the worst. I think I may need to have some wine about it sessions with my girls.

Also, I’ve been binge listening to The Lively Show for weeks now and it brings so much joy and inspiration to my day. If you haven’t check it out, I highly recommend it. I listened to this episode with Alexandra Franzen yesterday and LOVED it. 

Happy Wednesday folks!