The end of pregnancy questions

HebrewDawn: The end of pregnancy questions

First off, I want to say sorry this isn’t a more uplifting post, but I’m going to be honest about current and recent sentiments. I have been very quiet on HebrewDawn for much of my pregnancy, and I’m not completely certain as to why. Perhaps I just wanted to process my thoughts on this pregnancy and becoming a mom to two on my own before writing them. Moving forward I do plan to open up and share more about how life and motherhood is going with the transition  from one girl to two, including all the ups and downs.

On to current feelings….

A little over a year ago I wrote this post for a few of my friends who were near or drawing near to their due dates, and here I find myself in their shoes.  I’m days from my due date, and I’ve only hit my “over it” moment last week. Luckily, this was not as early as with my first, AND  frankly I’m quite proud that I made it to 38 weeks and 2 days before hitting that point this time.

HebrewDawn: the end of pregnancy questions
Now that I’m at the “over it” point of my pregnancy, the well meaning questions from every friend, family member, co-worker, and stranger off the street is driving me CRAZY. So here are my favorite questions, and how I wish I could respond:

How are you feeling? Tired of being pregnant and uncomfortable from the necessary body changes for labor to begin. Other than that I’m great, because this discomfort means I get to meet my baby soon!

How much longer do you have? No way of knowing as due dates are just an estimate! I’m “due” in a few days, but babies arrive anywhere between 39.5 and 41.5 weeks. Also, there are no plans to induce me unless we’re creeping up on 42 weeks. God, please don’t let that happen!

Do you know what you’re going to have? A human baby. At our 20 week ultrasound they said it’s a girl, and I’m praying it’s right. It would be really awkward to dress a baby boy in a little sister outfit.

You’re not going to go into labor right here are you? I could, but it doesn’t really matter. Labor takes quiet a bit of time to progress before a baby comes out. Last I checked babies don’t just fall out.

Are you still working? Yes, because there’s always work for me to get done. Oh, and there’s no reason to waste my maternity leave before the baby arrives.

Is the baby here yet? Not yet, and hopefully my little one will be here VERY soon. Just remember that as excited as you are for this baby to arrive, my husband, daughter, and I are the most excited and we are anxiously waiting for labor to start.

Will you tell me when the baby arrives? Yes! BUT those that need to know first (people present in the delivery room or taking care of my daughter, my boss) will be notified when I go into labor. Everyone else will find out after the baby is born, most likely via social media.

What are you doing while you wait?
I’m going to try and smile nicely to anyone asking one of these well meaning questions.

BUT I cannot promise that I won’t respond in a snarky fashion to the questions, that I won’t ignore phone calls, and that I’ll respond to every text message sent to me.

I do promise that I am going to relax as best I can and enjoy these final moments of being a family of three.





Getting It All Done

No matter where we are on this parenting journey, we all have a story to tell and MANY things on our to do list. At some point we get asked the well meaning question of…

Usually we respond with what do you mean? This question may be asked because you’re a stay-at-home-mom, the mother of multiples, work away from the home, or have children close together in age. Honestly, I could rattle on the reasons they’re asking, but I’m sure you’ve been there. I guess folks want to understand how we manage all the things on our ever growing to-do lists? May be they want to know how we keep our house appearing clean? I’m not always sure what the it is, but the question is always asked. I also know that I have been guilty of asking that very question, and for that I’m sorry.

Depending on the day, my answer may vary. I think that I get asked the question because I work away from the home and we stay busy as a family. The fact that we’re on the go a bunch isn’t something I would necessarily change, but I know that it comes at a cost. If someone were to ask me this week, my answer would be that I just don’t and can’t do it all.

Over time I’ve developed a schedule for getting things done. At home, I alternate what gets cleaned, rather than give up an entire Saturday or Sunday for cleaning the house. And sometimes, I just don’t get some things clean because I’d rather have fun with my family than have a spotless house. Other days I go on a rampage to get it all done. Don’t get me wrong, I love for my house to be tidy and clean all the time, but who’s got time to spend all of it cleaning?!

Next time you’re asked how do you do it, just know whomever is asking thinks you have it all together. Little do they know, you’re hanging on by a thread. That some nights you’re leaving the dishes in the sink until the following night. That the floors haven’t been mopped in ages.  And you have no idea how you’re making it from one day to the next. Here’s to the easy days, the tough days,  and the days better than we could have imagined!