I’ve Been So Busy: Stopping the Glorification of Busy

How are you?

I’m great! How are you?

I’ve been so busy…

HebrewDawn: I've Been So Busy - Stopping the Glorification of Busy

Sound familiar to any interactions you have had with anyone lately? I know it’s a conversation I’ve had quite frequently with co-workers and friends in recent weeks. At times I’m not so sure they’ve really been that busy, but feel like it’s what they believe they’re supposed to say. More often than not it seems like we’re competing to see who has been the busiest.  This competition of busy is really just a glorification of busy. And it HAS TO STOP.

Rather than focus on being busy, let’s focus on a life that’s well lived. We only get one shot at this thing called life, so let’s not waste it on being busier than the person next to us. This past weekend I’d say that my weekend was incredibly full. Some may say that we were busy because we did something Friday night, most of the day Saturday and Sunday, but I dare say we were not busy.

HebrewDawn: Stopping the Glorification of Busy

My family and I spent Friday evening with my best friend sister from another mother, her husband, daughter, and fresh (1 week old) baby boy.  As good friends and family should, we brought dinner over to them and hopefully good company too. We spent the evening talking, laughing (though not too much for the new mama…hello, stitches!), and snuggled with all the kiddos. My husband and I both commented on the drive home how full our hearts were after an evening spent with people I love so much.

HebrewDawn: Stopping the Glorification of Busy

Saturday was spent mostly outside with my daughter and we enjoyed our monthly small group/play date with friends from church. Next we were on our way for Safety Day, where my daughter’s eyes were wide with awe and excitement. She had the opportunity to see, touch, and sit in an ambulance, fire truck, state police helicopter, and more. Once we got home from our morning of fun and woke up from a well deserved nap, we were able to see the my husband’s finished handiwork. A frame for our raised garden bed, and a truck full of mulch. As a family we spent the late afternoon and evening spreading the mulch so we could finish all the yard work on Sunday.

Sunday began with worship at church and followed by our usual playtime with VHP’s church BFF before heading out to enjoy the rest of our day. We were then off to my in-laws to help them with some yard work. After working all over their yard, we enjoyed some yummy Chinese food, before all of us headed back to our house. There we wrapped up the day installing our raised garden bed, transplanting some irises and nandina, and spending lots of family time.

HebrewDawn: Stopping the Glorification of Busy

We may have done many things this weekend, but none of it would I regret or change. I truly believe that a busy life is full of of things we do and do nott want to do. More than anything, a busy life, is filled with things needing to be checked off our proverbial lists or calendars. All that we did this weekend were things I would want to pass up doing, because it was done with the people I love.

Are you ready to to stop the glorification of busy and focus on a life well lived with the people you love?

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