Favorites This Week: May 6th



How has your week been? It’s been a very full week for me, and I cannot wait for this Mother’s Day weekend. I know that this weekend is not always an easy one for everyone, but I hope that we can shower the women in our lives with love. Shout out that you love the women who love and support you each and every day of the year. These women may be the one who gave birth to you, who chose to love, who raised you, or came into your life at the needed moment. These women may not have children of their own, and may be they do. May be you are the closest thing they will have to their own children. Whoever the women are in your life, I hope you’ll let them know you love them. I’m ever so grateful for all the women in my life that love me, and whom I have the privilege to love.

Speaking of love, it may have taken me until college to fully appreciate and LOVE living and growing up in Richmond, Virginia, but I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I was giddy to see, and also made hungry, leaving that one of my absolute favorite Richmond restaurants was included on the list of best “hole in the walls” to try in Virgina. If you’re ever looking for a great Italian meal in Richmond, hurry your way to Mama Zu’s (just make sure to bring cash or American Express)!

Are you a Mo Willems fan? I’ve been a longtime fan since he released Knuffle Bunny, and I’ve only grown to love his writing more through his Elephant and Piggie Series. Sadly his last book in the series is coming out, but I can only imagine it will be just as great as all the others.

 HebrewDawn: Soda Water's Not Bad for You
Do you like drinking sparkling water, seltzer, or mineral water? I do, and so does my family! BUT there’s been terrible press about it lately, specifically how it’s bad for your teeth. Thankfully, reports are coming out to debunk that lie and I’m so thankful! This article had some interesting information, and I love that when it was first invented by chemist Joseph Priestley, he titled his paper “Directions for Impregnating Water with Fixed Air.” I guess I’m a fan of drinking air impregnanted water

Have anything fun planned for the weekend? I’m looking forward to a picnic with my family, and some ladies that I’m lucky to love and have in my life.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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Favorites of the Moment

On any given day of the week there are a few things that will always be my favorite: coffee, chocolate, red wine, Grey’s Anatomy, Friends, gummy bears, Florence + the Machine, and Carla Bruni. One of these things can help turn a less than stellar day right around to happy town. 

Then the day you comes when you discover new favorites. You wonder if they could ever replace your previous true loves. May be they can’t, may be they can, or at least they can come pretty darn close. I’ve recently discovered some new favorites working their way to my always a favorite list. 

My recent discoveries:
Have you heard Jess Glynne’s album I Cry When I Laugh? If not, it’s a must! I’ve had this album on repeat ALLLLL week! I. Am. In. Love.

Do you love ice cream? I do, and I was DEVASTED to realize I had a dairy allergy a few years ago. I’ve been on the hunt for a good dairy free alternative, but nothing matched up to what I was missing. I could  find nothing with interesting flavor combos until I discovered Ben & Jerry’s dairy-free ice cream. I had high hopes for this being delicious, and oh is it scrumptious. If you haven’t given it a try, go do it now!

There’s been lots of talk here on HebrewDawn about caring of ourselves physically… drinking enough water or getting healthy through exercise. Something we haven’t talked about yet is taking care of our skin. My favorite way to take care of my skin is using Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment. We all know we need to use sunscreen to protect our skin, but we often forget our lips. I am in LOVE with this stuff. It’s worth every penny and I’m on my second tube of this stuff!

Do you have any favorite things making your days a little bit happier? 

Happy weekend!