Favorites This Week: May 27th


Happy Friday! How has your week been going? I’m hoping for lots of fun and relaxation with family, but we’ll see if my two year old is on board with that. Wednesday night was an adventure in our house, so hopefully we won’t have a repeat. Have any tips for potty training at night? Enough about me, let’s get on to some of discoveries that have become favorites this week… 

Enough talking about my week, but on to the regularly scheduled Friday favorites…


Do you have those songs that you love, but aren’t completely sure of all the lyrics? Oh, of course you do! We all have that song, or two, or ten that we stumble through parts of the lyrics. Now thanks to James Cordone we now know some of the tough lyrics from Gwen Stefani’s “Sweet Escape!” Thank you so much James Cordone for looking out for us all and getting to the bottom of this lyric question!

I’ve been a longtime Florence + the Machine fan, and would see her in concert almost any chance I could get. Then I learned of a teen girl with a life threatening condition had tickets to see Flo, but couldn’t go see her favorite perform, my heart was broken.  Then the amazing team at Christopher House and Hospice Austin made it possible for Florence Welch and guitarist (Rob Ackroyd) to provide a private concert. Seein Florence on the big stage may have been the dream, but having her sit next to you and sing, is pretty remarkable too. 

Have you heard of Primary yet? I recently stumbled upon their line of children’s clothes, and I’m in love! They’re all so classic and simple! I dare say they’ll be a go to for gifts and future clothing purchases for my little girl. FYI, this share is NOT sponsored, but I’d totally be a brand rep if they’d like to hook a blogger up 😉

I hope you have a beautiful weekend, that you take a moment to remember those that we have lost in the service of our country, and you’re able to make the most of this long weeken!