coming out of the fog

HebrewDawn: coming out of the fog

My daughter is just about to turn nine months old, which means she will be out as long as she was in. As we hit this milestone I finally feel like I’m coming out of the proverbial new mom fog. If you’re in the midst of the fog you might know what I’m talking about. If your past it, I’m almost certain you know what I’m talking about. Whether we’re in it or past it, we all eventually come out of the fog.

As a mom, it is always an adjustment to embrace your new found identity. You had this baby that spent nine months growing inside of you, but now it is learning to live outside of you. You spent months adjusting your growing belly and now you must recalibrate and learn to provide for this little person all the time. 

Not only are you learning caregiving skills, but you also have this new identity called motherhood to embrace. You’ve gone from being your own person, and now your some little person’s whole world. If you already have older children, you’re learning how to share yourself with all the little people vying for your attention. No matter how many children you have, it’s always an adjustment to accept the new you.

When you have a baby, they’re always worried about you having postpartum depression. No one talks about this fog you’re living in. With so many things changing in your body, your life, identity, etc. you spend your days with your mind spinning. I am here to share something with you that I’ve heard from almost every mom; adjusting to this new identity as a mother is a challenge for everyone. I’ve also heard from almost every mom that we do make it out of the fog and see our world clearly once more. The way we see our life and world may be different than before, but it is now filled with lots of love and joy. 

yours in motherhood,


HebrewDawn: coming out of the fog

Hello Sunshine

How has the weather been where you are this week? It’s be delightfully sunny, and it’s put me in the best mood. I forgot how much the sunshine affects my mood for the good. Despite having a VERY full week, it’s been manageable with all the sunshine!

So there are some fun things in the works for HebrewDawn, and I cannot wait until I can share them with you. If you follow the blog on Facebook, you’ll have an idea about one thing that’s coming. As for the other, you’ll have to hold tight for now. Just know that I’m excited for what’s coming, and I hope it encourages and inspires you on your journey.

Now it’s time for some Friday Fun!

Ready to feel old, or at least thankful for how far we’ve come? Check out this video of teens reacting to Windows 95. Oh the days of dial-up!

Have you seen this story about this mom of triplets? Apparently a Delta employee gave her a first-class seat so she could pump in private! I’m super impressed this mama is nursing three babies! One was hard enough for me. So glad this mama received well deserved rock star treatment!

Do you like to bargain shop? Only a couple more days left for Target’s sales and coupons on clothing! I was able to snag some super cute things for my daughter, nieces, and nephews.

Oh toddlers! They have such a way with words, or making them amusing for us adults!

Are you a candle person? I love having a few around the house to keep things smelling delightful. I’ve tried one of the Herb & Irma candles, and thinking about trying more. Do you have a signature home scent? I’m thinking mine might be lemon and sage, because I want this candle burning all the time.

Have anything fun going on this weekend? We have dinner with friends, an ordination service, and a baby shower So much celebration in such a short window of time.

Have a beautiful weekend!