You are Beautiful


HebrewDawn: How do you eat an elephant? Bite, by bite.
Bite, by bite.


How has your week been? I’m grateful that today is Friday, and to be back blogging with you. I’m sorry that we’ve been MIA this week, but we’ve both had some things going on personally that got in the way. We didn’t want to write a post for post sake, so we neglected you. I hope you can forgive us…

Every now then I find some things on the Internet, that I can’t help but share. Ready for a giggle to end your week? Check out the weird things women do with their girls. I can honestly say I haven’t intentially ate off of my mine, but I’m grateful for the food they’ve saved from hitting the floor.

Have you seen the previews for bad mom yet? I seriously hope it’s as funny as it looks. I hope this will be a funny way to remind us to have a little more fun on the journey of motherhood, and to stop stressing about “what we’re supposed to do” so much.

HebrewDawn: You are Beautiful!If you follow on Instagram, the above picture may be familiar to you. If not, I want to share with you what I shared yesterday. I have been hearing from too many ladies around me that they aren’t that pretty or that they’re not good enough. Each and everytime I hear this it breaking my heart. Why? Because each woman saying this is absolutely beautiful on the INSIDE and OUTSIDE. Do you ever find yourself saying this? If yes, stop it and begin something new. Each day look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that YOU are BEAUTIFUL. Continue doing this until you believe it deep in your bones. Do you have a woman in your life needing this reminder? Please remind them of that they are beautiful too.

Have a lovely weekend!

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