I Have Something to Tell You

Hello Beautiful,

I’m not sure how you’re doing today or how your week is going, but I have something I want to tell you.

Take moment to open your heart and listen…


HebrewDawn: You Are Enough
you are enough

No matter what you think or may try to tell yourself,

you are enough.

You are beautiful enough to be loved.

You are strong enough to do what feels impossible.

You are mom enough to work and leave your child in the hands of another caregiver.

You are woman enough to work alongside all men.

You are mom enough to stay home and put your career on hold.

You are woman enough to do what brings you the most joy.

You are enough when you’re tired.

You are enough with or without makeup.

Forget the naysayers.

Forget the the doubters.

Forget the ones just playing devil’s advocate.

Don’t let anything hold you back from doing what’s on your heart, your mind, or your wish list.

More than anything, I hope you know that you are enough even when your cup feels dry.

Plain and simple, you are enough.

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