Happy Weekend!

It is the first Friday or March and I couldn’t be more excited!

Reasons I love March…

  1. it is my birth month
  2. spring begins
  3. spring festivals and outdoor concerts begin again
  4. pretty flowers
  5. more outdoor fun with the family

Time for some of my favorites of the week!

For my mom friends with newborns and babies fighting sleep, this is for you….thoughts every sleep deprived mother has ever had according to Amy Poehler.

Would you let your baby nap outside in the cold or your elementary aged child take the subway on their own? Check out these intriguing  parenting trends from around the world  that haven’t caught in the U.S.

Kids say the funniest things! Do your kids have funny ways of mispronouncing words? My daughter is starting to say “jumping” correctly, but still slips up and says “gumping.” It’s especially funny to me when she’s reading Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed with me.

Enjoy your first weekend of March!

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