Mom’s Purse Has It All

The For the last year I have been trying to reduce how much I carry in my bag and debating what NEEDS to be in there. The Girl Scout in me wants to be prepared, but inevitably my purse turns out to be heavier than necessary. Now that my daughter has said goodbye to diapers, I no longer need to carry a diaper bag and my purse. This is great from one perspective, but the question remains what do I NEED in my bag?

Here is the current mom bag purse of the moment:

This was a TJ Maxx find last year. I love that this bag is a neutral color so it matches almost everything, and it has a removable strap so that I can wear it like a crossbody. The other great about this bag, but also dangerous, is that it is nice and big so it can carry everything!

I don’t blame the bag for it getting too full and heavy, but I do blame what’s inside. Here are the current contents minus some receipts, checkbook (because I don’t carry it all the time), and random things that didn’t belong needed to be put away.

 1. Kate Spade Wallet (similar2. Pentel Pencil and Pentel Energel Pen 3. My work iPhone 6 in a Spigen wallet case. 4. Coach Wristlet (similar5. Sugar Lip BalmRose Salve, and bareMinerals concealer 6. Ruby Stone nail file, tweezers and nail clippers 7. hair ties and safety pins 8. car keys 9. personal iPhone 6 in a LifeProof case

1. Greenroom notebook 2. Jonathan Adler for Skip Hop bag (came with our diaper bag)       3. snacks (GoGo Squeez and Annie’s cheddar bunnies4. business card case purchased at a local Hallmark store. 5. Plan toys cars (2 of 3 in the set) 6. Honest wipes 7. Apple earbuds and LifeProof adapter

I know that none of these things are absolute necessities, but I do believe that the wallet and phones are purse must haves. But where do I cut back and carry less? I’m working on keeping less in the coach wristlet. It’s not uncommon for me to have every size bandaid known to man in the wristlet, but I have reduced the number to have only a few along with the items listed above.  I prefer to use my own pen when I’m out because of germs. The notebook is great for making notes so I don’t forget things (hello mommy brain is no joke), plus it keeps the toddler entertained with the pencil when we’re out. The kid items and snacks aren’t always in my purse, but they don’t always make it out after the weekend is up. Thankfully I’ve been good about removing the extra panties and wet bag so I don’t have those fall out of my bag during work.

So what do you keep in your purse? Are you someone that likes to be super prepared or are ou more of a minimalist? Thoughts on what to scale back on in my own bag?


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