Faithful readers, I’m sorry to say that my regularly scheduled post is not up today. Time I would have spent making my final edits for publishing were spent on doing our taxes. Oh adulting! I hope to publish today’s post on Thursday, but if not Thursday it will be Friday. In the mean time I share these little delights with you…

Thanks to Design Mom I discovered this children’s book concierge. It’s AMAZING for searching and finding the best children’s books in recent years. 

If you’re like me and looking for smart ways to blog or organize your content, it’s definitely worth checking out this post on A Cotton Kandi Life. Definitely gives me ideas for planning and organization for work and the blog!

You may have read my letter on Monday to working moms, and I enjoyed The Mommy My Way’s post confessing her working mom thoughts. We as moms question and doubt ourselves a lot, but I hope we’ll surrender the guilt and rest assured that we are doing a good job. 

 Please note I have been a part of the Blog & Business: Moms Who Do It All February blog hop.  

2 thoughts on “Sorry

    1. Thank you so much Adele! I’d love for you to follow my blog if it’s something you will enjoy and gain from. You’ve got some great posts too, enjoys yours about the new barbies!


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