Feeling Thankful 

My husband and I each have relatively large families, which can make for a lot of joy and chaos in getting everyone together. Z’s mother is one of five, Z’s father is one of two, my mother is one of four, my dad is one of three, and I have stepparents too. Add this all together and there are SO MANY people to love and keep up with throughout the year. Planning anything that will include our extended family suddenly becomes a large scale affair, with much noise, food, and laughter.

This time of year, is when my mother-in-law’s side of the family has been I the habit of getting as many members of the extended family together. This year we were lucky enough to have all five sisters together for the first time since I’ve been with Zach. We were missing some of the cousins, due to obligations where they live out of state, or sick children. Getting everyone together under one roof is always organized chaos, but the time with everyone was so great.


music time with all the littles

For at least 30 minutes off and on, my daughter and niece played banged on the piano to provide some mood music. The newest cousin to the bunch couldn’t be left out, so he joined in on the fun as well. After a while we did have to close the piano up, lest we all be subjected too entertained all afternoon. There were lots of giggles and squeals from all the little people. There was lots of catching up with family members not seen in quite some time. And of course there were many snuggles. I’m quite jealous that my husband ended the day with all these cuties.


Uncle Z getting all the baby snuggles

I may not have had all the kiddo snuggles Saturday, but I did get time with one of my cousins Sunday. We had an impromptu get together for the Redskins game at our house, which led to some friends and family coming over. I have two cousins from my dad’s side that live here in town, but I most certainly do not get to see them nearly enough. Lucky for me, the stars aligned, and one was able to come over and hangout. It was so great to catch up, hear the great things going on in her life, and to simply be together.

After all this time with people I love, I’m full of thanks today.  


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