Wednesday Wanderings and Things to Brighten Your Day

There has been much on the internet to break my heart this week, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Whether it was Donald Trump and his lip flapping shenanigans, issues over gun control, anti-Muslim rhetoric, deaths and illness of too many, there is a lot tugging at our heart, mind, and bloood pressure.  Rather than get us down about all these things, I thought I’d provide you with some things to brighten the middle of your week.

If you haven’t seen this yet, you’re welcome. If you have, then  enjoy it again, because you know you want to!  Adele, The Roots, Jimmy, and school instruments!

So, basically Harry Potter (Daniel Ratcliff) loves Richmond VA and so should you 😉 

Who’s your favorite Disney Princess?  May be these battles will help you decide: Cinderelle, Belle, , Snow White, or Elsa

I was late to finding this blog, and now it’s over. Sad to see her go, but I understand.

I think we’re starting to hit the stage of our daughter hiding things. I’ve been seeing things about a few different tools for tracking down your keys and such. Anyone try The Tile App or Click ‘n Dig? Have other recommendations?

I’ve never been the best at long-term journaling…in one journal. It’s not uncommon to have multiple stashed all over the place. Have you seen this post on the benefits of journaling. Do you journal? I’ve heard great things about The Five Minute Journal…I wonder if it would help me?

I hope I’ve helped send you to some interesting things to intentionally fill your Wednesday. Just remember, the world can be tough, but it’s also really be beautiful. See the beauty in those you meet, and remember you’re the beauty they’re seeing.

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