How about a little more holiday cheer?

Dear Pinterest Mom,

We are 23 days from Christmas, and I’m trying not to freak out about my to-do list. I know that you have this super cute to do list system that keeps you on track of the gifts you need to buy and make. Also, I really want to like you and be you, because I like to pin all your projects .  BUT at the same time I really don’t want to like you. I’m not really sure how you find time to make all of your kids’ birthday presents, Christmas gifts, Easter baskets, and it’s-Wednesday-and-you-deserve-something-sweet gifts, because I barely have time to buy my kid her birthday and Christmas presents, let alone make sure she has something to collect Easte eggs and Halloween candy in by said holiday. I think it’s awesome you come up with these cool ideas, but please don’t make me feel guilty for not being able to make them too. Some days, it’s all I can do to get us out the door to work and school on time. I do want to thank you for the inspiration to do cool some cool projects and to try and be crafty. I did forget how much I do like doing crafty things when I have time, and you give me some awesome ideas.


Too Busy To Be a Pinterest Mom (but sorta wish I could be one)

Dear Not a Pinterest Mom,

We are 23 days from Christmas, and I’m trying not to freak out about all the things on our to do list.  Let me just share, that amazon prime can be a godsend on days like these.  MANY times (more than I’d like to count) my Christmas shopping happened because of Amazon prime.  Typically the shopping frenzy happens 7-10 days before Christmas, and gifts are only selected for family if and only if it’s available prime.  Don’t feel bad about buying each and every birthday present, Christmas gift, Easter basket, and random goodies for your kid, because there are great things already made by other people available.  Pinterest can be such a great way for me to keep track of gif ideas, save recipes for later, and try to organize my random ideas.  I have some great DIY boards, which have helped me my husband with a whopping ONE project.  I sincerely hope I will find the time do some of these projects, but in the mean time pinterest is great for saving all my ideas.  This year I’m excited to share that some great local stores (Franklin Goose, BBGB, and World of Mirth thus far) have my Christmas shopping business. But let’s also be real, I’ve been doing some great online shopping and amzon prime will be saving my tail AGAIN!


Too Busy To Be a Pinterest Mom (but sorta wish I could be one)


Dear Mamas,

Let’s not judge each other this holiday season.  We all are trying to juggle a lot in making sure that the holidays are what we can make them be for ourselves, our children, and families. Let’s try to quiet the feelings of being inadequate because we didn’t make the gifts for our kids’ teachers, mail the perfect Christmas card, or provide the perfect gift. If you are that mom that likes doing these pinterest worthy gifts, projects, and treats, don’t feel bad about it either.  Let’s cheer each other on, pick each other up, and more than anything STOP the mommy judgement.  I challenge us to start with the holidays, and then we’ll tackle it again in the new year.


Your sister on this motherhood journey

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