Dear Stay-at-Home Mama

 Dear Stay-at-Home Mama,
You inspire me. 

 You have chosen to spend each of your days caring for your little ones. Day in and day out and around the clock you care for your precious littles. You have sacrificed moving up the career ladder to spend your days with your child(ren). You spend more time carrying conversations with little people than adults. You know how to pinch a penny and make the most of a budget, to ensure your family has what it needs on one salary. You never get a break because your children are used to having you nearby all the time. 

And these (among other things) are things I didn’t think I could do. I’m sure I could do some of this, but I honestly don’t know that I’d want to. As a stay-at-home mama, you have one of the hardest jobs I can imagine. You are ALWAYS being watched by your child(ren) to see how they should act or behave or talk. You make many sacrifices on the little pleasures to keep your budget in check. Let’s be real, I really like getting that latte when I’ve had a rough morning with the little one or at work. I also like having a “break” from my daughter while I go to work. 

Some may think I’m crazy for admitting these things, but there are reasons behind it all. I didn’t feel that I was in a place in my career that I could afford the time away from the workforce. Some careers are just easier to come back to after an extended break. I’ve worked with kids for years. But I know that an entire day of mostly talking to kids does a number on me. I need more mental stimulation than conversations and stories with a toddler can provide. I also believe that my time away at work makes me better when I am with my little girl. 

Do I ever doubt my decision to not stay at home? Yes!  

Do I wish that I could stay home? Sometimes, but not all the time. 

Do I enjoy working and juggling motherhood? Sometimes, it’s a lot to manage. 

All this said, being a mama is tough. Whether you stay home or work away from the home, we are all mamas and need to support each other. We are all trying to juggle a lot. Stay-at-home mama, I’m sure you need a break sometimes, because you never really get one. What would be the best way to support you?  

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