Starting Again

It has been quite some time since I was last on here!

A LOT has happened! When I started this blog I was documenting my foot issues. So, I’ve recovered from two foot surgeries, one for a bunionectomy and torn ligament on my left foot and a right double bunionectomy (Austin and Tailor’s). I then recovered from other foot issues (neuromas and capsulitis), and got my feet healthy so Z and I could start a family.

And now we have started our sweet family with the birth of our sweet VHP:

 Starting in eleven short days, I begin a new adventure…juggling being a wife, a mom, going back to work, being okay with working while someone else watches my little girl. Thankfully the someone else is the people that I love a whole heck of a lot…my mother, my mother-in-law, and my best friend C. What makes this even better is that when my mom and mother-in-law watch the baby to be at the house. So even though I’m working I’ll still get to see my little girl some throughout the day! Then when my best friend watches VHP she’ll be just a few minutes away and hanging out with het BFF C’s little girl
The reality of going back to work hit me yesterday, and I’m working on coming to grips with this change. But in the midst of this adjustment I’m so thankful that even though I won’t be the primary caregiver, my little girl will be in good hands and I won’t miss out on everything since my office is at home!

I should probably end this post now as I’m starting to ramble. So I’ll close by saying that I don’t know if this will turn into full on mommy blog, but I do plan to share how I juggle being a wife, a mom, working for a non-profit, volunteering at our church, and still having a life along the way. Here we go!

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