As some of you know, Z and I have settled on a honeymoon destination…MORROCCO!!!


We wanted to pick somewhere that neither one of us had ever been, that wasn’t a cruise or resort, a place where we could experience the local culture, somewhere we could get the biggest bang for our buck (a.k.a. not in the euro zone), and have unique once in a life time experience for just the two us.  I think we’ve succeeded in picking Morrocco?

So…being that things are on a tight budget for the wedding  we definitely want to make each aspect our honeymoon be as affordable as possible.

  1. Money Spent in Country:  Not too big of a stressor for since things are supposed to be affordable in county… from what we’ve been reading, we should able to get by on $100 a day or less for the two of us
  2. Flights:  This is where we need to be as smart as possible with our money!  Getting to Africa isn’t cheap….but it’s definitely terribly much more than say going to some other places.  We also keep reminding ourselves, that yes the flights may be a little more than we would like to spend…but it’s going to be cheap in country.

So here our adventures of finding the best flight prices…..

Idea 1: Fly out of Richmond into Casablanca (Mohammad V is the international flight hub in Morrocco) – this is ideal since we would not have to travel far, wouldn’t have to pay for parking (someone can drop us off…right mom?), just wake up and go.  BUT, this plan costs the most…current flights are going for $1161 *ouch!*

Idea 2: Fly out of Washington D.C. into Casablanca – when we first checked on this idea, flights were around $800-$850….not a terrible prices….but much more than say going to central America.  Do we really want to spend this kind of money on plane tickets?

*INTERLUDE*  Well we then went back to the drawing board.  We toyed around with the idea of going to Central/South America/Carribean:  flights to Costa Rica were only $280 round trip out of D.C.; free if we used my frequent flyer miles for me to some countries (but why not save it and go somewhere in USA for both of us free) ; I wanted to go somewhere non-Spanish speaking; didn’t want our honeymoon rained on (it’s the rainy season and/or hurricane season).

So we decided this was a bad idea…we still wanted to go to Morrocco!

We just needed to figure out the most affordable way…and then came idea 3!

Idea 3:  Fly out of Richmond into Madrid, then take an EasyJet flight from Madrid into Marrakech.  Flying to and from Madrid was about $650 (could get one ticket free if we used my miles)….then flying on EasyJet would only be 36.98 Euros.  This didn’t seem like too bad of an idea….$49.49 per person….but then we realized the luggage issue!  It was going to cost us 22 euros ($29.44) per suitcase!  Not too bad if we weren’t planning on taking much or bringing much back!  We talked with friends who had used EasyJet…and the resounding theme was not to check 2 pieces of luggage each to accommodate or clothes and goodies.  *UGH*

Back to the drawing board we go!

Idea 4/Idea 2 revisted: Washington D.C. to Cassblanca!  After playing with flights, we think this is going to be our best bet!  Last week flights were $852….then the volcano erupted in Iceland…the flight is now $997!

So now, I’m just trying to be patient (yeah right for me!) for the flights to come down….I will go on my honeymoon to Morrocco and it’s not going to cost me an arm and a leg!

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