Real Moms: Connie Gomez

Today I am excited to  introduce you to the next mom in our Real Moms Series, Connie Gomez. She is from Houston Texas, and writes over at Momma of Dos. She is also a co-founder of the Houston Latina Bloggers. She loves to write about all things parenting, culture, local happenings, travel and food! I hope you enjoy getting to know her as much as I have as well.

HebrewDawn: Real Moms - Connie Gomez

How many children do you have and how old are they? I have a wonderfully created and kind-hearted son named Santiago Isaias he is 6 years old. I have also have my beautiful little diva baby who was fiercely and wonderfully created named Camila Isabel she is 5 years old going on 17. They are so unique and I love seeing them grow each day.
HebrewDawn: Real Moms - Connie Gomez

What is your greatest joy in being a mom? My greatest joy is that no matter what happens, no matter what kind of day I have and no matter how crazy life can get, I still have them. They drive me nuts but their unconditional love for us is perfect. No on can take that from me.

What has been your greatest struggle as a mom? Getting used to life with children. Continuing to have my own life and career while still managing to be a Momma. Making my worlds and duties collide into one peaceful place has been a ride. I have over the years made changes needed and created some kind of balance that works for us but it wasn’t easy to get to where I am today. I have struggled with post-partum depression which led to therapy as well as a panic attack that led to me quitting my job to be home for about 7 months. I am now back at work full-time and having that work-life balance is crucial to our family. Eventually, we find a way and make it all work for the better. My journey has been long but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

What’s something you wish you knew before you became a mom, that would’ve made your motherhood easier or better? You don’t have to be perfect. I think when I first become a momma I had all these expectations. You know the perfect pregnancy with the perfect delivery, with well-behaved children who just followed all the rules and made my life easy. They fill my life with so much purpose but nothing NOTHING is ever perfect. I wish someone had told me not to try so hard to be that “perfect” momma and to embrace the craziness and be content with all the seasons in life. I wish someone had told me to not try to be perfect. To simply relax and enjoy the ride. There will be perfect moments of true love and eye-opening experiences but don’t be so hard on yourself if things are not as you thought they would be!

HebrewDawn: Real Moms - Connie Gomez

Having a child changes you. What do you hold onto and let go of as mother? I hold onto my children and their innocence and I try to let go of busyness and doing too much. Time passes us by so incredibly fast. Embracing moments and slowing down is what I like to hold on to. My kids were babies yesterday and now they are so grown, in the blink of an eye time has passed us by. I don’t ever want to be so busy that I forget to enjoy them and where they are in life right now.

How has your relationship with your significant other changed since having kids? My Husband and I have a unique bond, we have been together for almost 17 years and married for 10 years. We have had time to grow, mature and love one another more than anything, now with our kids we do have less time for each other but we manage. We love our kids and cannot imagine life without them. I think our relationship has grown, in trying to make time for date nights and spending alone time I think has brought us closer together when we can be alone. We definitely have learned to appreciate each other and the duties that each of us take on. I complain sometimes about everything but he truly is a provider and blessing for our family. He is my rock and holds our home together.

How do you make time for date night? Or how do you keep it saucy when life gets messy? Ha. Love it “keeping it saucy when life gets messy”, that should be a t-shirt! We started a couple of years ago trying to go on date night at least once a month but life does get messy and busy! These days we plan out dates, find babysitters and then try to enjoy the moment. Sometimes our date nights are few and far in-between but we talk every night and try to reconnect as much as possible. It’s hard sometimes to get away from the kids but when we do we make the most of it.

HebrewDawn: Real Moms - Connie Gomez

What’s the one thing you would tell yourself looking back on your journey thus far? “Connie, your life is amazing. Don’t you ever forget that.” We get so caught up in all of our failures that we don’t stop to see all the great things we have created.

Anything else you’d like to share? No matter how difficult motherhood has been nothing beats the joy of holding your children every day and knowing how loved you are!
Thank you so much for sharing with us today Connie!

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Do you know a great mom that should be featured in our series? If so, please send me a message.


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